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Rarest Collection of Bill Watterson Art Ever. Calvin and Hobbes. The Rels + More

Rarest Collection of Bill Watterson Art Ever. Calvin and Hobbes. The Rels + More
Rarest Collection of Bill Watterson Art Ever. Calvin and Hobbes. The Rels + More

Rarest Collection of Bill Watterson Art Ever. Calvin and Hobbes. The Rels + More
The Ultimate Bill Watterson Art Collection. This is the Pièce De Résistance. The cassettes have never been opened and feature, still hermetically sealed from the publisher in 1992, the album artwork that Bill Watterson created as a personal favor to his brother Tom under the pseudonym "Fang Wampir".

No expense was spared securing these extremely rare jewels. Once the photos were taken, they went right back in. The truest Wattersonphiles already know of the existence of these tapes. These gems had to be finagled directly from Tom Watterson without him suspecting that I was doing it for the artwork.

Of course, it helped that I became an obsessed fan in the mid nineties... Long before the reclusive artists work had become heavily sought after and while Tom was still a Texas school teacher having given up publishing music. Or that anyone even knows that Bill Watterson did any artwork for him in the first place so he tells me he's flattered and obliges me but states that he only had 2 of each album left...

He also states that he could only afford to have 50 of each album published... So that's all that were printed... One other fan has displayed their copy of the albums online, and those are the only images you will ever see (besides these).

These however, are the only images you'll see of them unopened. The only artwork equally as rare as these tapes would be to find an un-burnt canvas painting he created while hidden away in his home... As far as I know, none have ever been found... He doesn't even give them to family.

These are my most prized (material) possessions and I've worked hard over the course of 22 years to acquire them. Tom Watterson is a very nice guy and I did pay him for the cassettes with a smile and a thank you.

So here they are, in all their glory... I did ask Tom about the mysterious third album and he explained he never had a third album and he wasn't sure why I would think that so I dropped the subject.

I watched other, less rare works of Watterson art sell for obscene amounts. Clicking on each photo will open a new window or tab with a high resolution version of that image. I never confirmed whether he or his brother signed this, but it's a spot on match to the known hand writings of Bill Watterson himself. The actual item is not edited or censored in any way. You will own these items at that point and be the rightful owner of the sender's address as well. Most serious Watterson aficionados will notice this... It's the rare general studies schoolbook published by Linda Holmen in 1993. The ISBN-10 is 1878849158 in case you wish to validate. There is a minor tear in the upper binder of the book, the school sealed over it but this is the book's only flaw. The location is now an upscale apartment strip but it used to host a little gallery that featured, among other influential artists, all the U. Published, mainstream comic books licensed by Universal Press Syndicate. Whenever they wanted to boost sales of a particular publisher, they would post these advertisement posterettes for a time and I have one... Bill Watterson had to approve this himself and seeing as he refused almost every request to license the art, this is one that snuck through for a short while. Well, did you know that the marketing department of Andrews McMeel Publishing created a 50 set design and implementation presentation for the board of executives, complete with high resolution images on CD, the planned layout for the books and production ideas?

It even boasts an interview with Bill Watterson himself that had (until the book's release) been thereunto previously unavailable to the public. This was quite an extraordinary find if I must say so myself.

A french magazine that convinced Mr. Watterson to license a few strips for translation and publishing in 2005.

Bill Watterson, up until very recently, had only offered 4 known interviews. One to his alumn, Kenyon College in Ohio...

Another to Andrews McMeel Publishing yet another in formal letter response to a gathered Q&A coorespondance of an editor who was able to get his response somehow and this one... An uber rare interview with Honk magazine journalist Andrew Christie in 1987. Comic relief had luck getting three strips re-published. They had three separate volumes that featured re-printed Calvin and Hobbes strips.

I apologize for them being shown out of order... The other two are below the next two items. Bladkompaniet, a publishing company out of Norway was able to get nine strips licensed between 1991 and 1998, I only have this one and one other (4 more items down) but that leaves you with only 7 more to find. Ahh here we come to the notorious early works of Bill Watterson and his attempts at political cartoons.

He must have become bored with them quickly but here are all 7 political postcards that were published. Comic Relief magazine number 2 of 3. And finally, Comic Relief magazine number 3 of 3. A well known work by Mr. Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons...

Another well known work by Mr. The infinitely popular complete (mainstream) Calvin and Hobbes comic strips in a heavy duty (and quite heavy to lift) hardback set. Complete with inserts and case. Here's the front of the case.

And here's the back. An Andrews McMeel Publishing French translations of the artists more popular strips. A not so well known three book mini-set published by Sphere in paperback. Calvin und Hobbes, Achtung, fertig, los. Album 8 from a set of 19 albums total. All popular strips translated to Deutsche. The popular Calvin and Hobbes original collection with the forward written by Gary Trudeau who had been interviewed in an article that discussed his views of the goals that Bill Watterson and Gary Larson had adhered to.

Another version of the original strip collection release. I didn't bother to gather all of the alternative languages these collections come in... They're not that rare and they contain the same works as any other collection to be honest. I had a hard time finding this... A first edition hardback collection of The Essential Calvin and Hobbes.

You would think because it was published like any other, that you'd be able to find one rather quickly but that wasn't the case. Of course this was years ago before Google had made even previously hard-to-find collectibles available with two clicks of the left mouse button. The Lazy Sunday book, sealed and unopened.

Here's the paperback version of The Essential Calvin and Hobbes. I didn't even realize I had this... I claimed above that I only had one of the 19 albums, it appears that I have two. The Revenge of the Baby-Sat...

Honestly the titles of his separated works are all awesome but this one is one of my favorites. See what I mean, the titles are hilarious! Ah, the first heavy duty coffee table book for the Calvin and Hobbes lover. I have two here, one has a smudge on the cover, the other is sealed in near mint condition. It's a Magical World.

I know, I know, a lot of these aren't collectibles. Followed by the autograph by either Bill or his brother Tom, the school book and the executive publishers proposal for the Complete Calvin and Hobbes set. This is one is special because my mom let me borrow this one years and years ago and I've read it about 20 times (not exaggerating). That's all of it... Every drop of Bill Watterson art I own. Should the shipper decide to handle the package roughly, the artwork inside will feel like it's riding on a cloud of cotton. Absolutely no harm will come to the items inside come hail or high storm. DON'T ASK ME WHAT THE RESERVE PRICE IS. Once you've met it, you'll know. You will have 72 hours to pay for the item in full. That's three full days. We can extend that if you're coming to pick it up and inspect it first. I have each item documented and photographed and any funny business and we're going to court. Everything you see listed here is in my possession, I have not replaced the items you're recieving with representations, they are the actual items being listed.

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Rarest Collection of Bill Watterson Art Ever. Calvin and Hobbes. The Rels + More