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New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W (MINT)! 1st appearance of Deadpool! RARE! Only 1 of 11

New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W (MINT)! 1st appearance of Deadpool! RARE! Only 1 of 11
New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W (MINT)! 1st appearance of Deadpool! RARE! Only 1 of 11

New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W (MINT)! 1st appearance of Deadpool! RARE! Only 1 of 11

New Mutants #98 CGC MINT 9.9 W (1st appearance of Deadpool)! #1 COPPER AGE HOLY GRAIL!

Trails only 1 CGC GEM MINT 10! PERFECT WHITE PAGE QUALITY , CENTERING , CUT , & COVER WRAP! According to the CGC Census Report as of 10/24/17, out of more than a whopping total of 13,624 copies professionally graded, this copy represents ONLY 1 of 11 CGC UNIVERSAL MINT 9.9 copies in the world! Now let's just put that in perspective, there are ONLY 11 CGC Universal CGC 9.9s out of more than "13,624" copies graded!!! That's a rarity factor of only 0.08%! That's 8 "hundredths" of 1%!! That means that for every 1,000 copies graded, there are "0" CGC MINT 9.9s graded!!! In other words, for approximately every 1,239 copies graded, only "1" CGC MINT 9.9 is added to the CGC Census!! New Mutants #98 holds the record of being the 2nd most graded issue in the entire CGC Census only behind Amazing Spider-Man #300, with a total of 14,646 copies graded! Yes, the 1st full appearance of Venom is highly significant, but NOT more significant than the 1st appearance of Deadpool! With that said, there are over 2,387 CGC Universal 9.8 copies of New Mutants #98 graded!! That makes this CGC Universal MINT 9.9 copy more than 217 times rarer! Created by famed artist Rob Liefeld, Deadpool is the most significant comic book character created in the last 30 years!!! He is the equivalent to this generation's Wolverine! The Deadpool CRAZE is transcending across all kinds of industries and his popularity continues to rise at a RAPID PACE! With the sucess of the first Deadpool movie released in February of 2016, Deadpool 2 is more than likely to be released this February! Well Deadpool was originally introduced in "February" of 1991 and since they released his first film last "February, " it's more than likely that Deadpool 2 will hit the BIG screen in February of 2018! Look the official trailer up on YouTube if you haven't already! To make New Mutants #98 in CGC 9.9 W (MINT) an even hotter commodity, is that the characters Gideon and Copycat (as Domino) also make their 1st appearances (as featured on the front cover) in this historic KEY issue! More importantly, both of these characters are scheduled to appear in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie! To give you an idea of how successful the Deadpool franchise is, Deadpool grossed more than ANY X-MEN film released since the original X-Men was released more than 17 years ago in the year 2000! Deadpool was only released less than 2 years ago, and it significantly smashed every single X-Men film of 17 years! The numbers don't lie!! New Mutants #98 in CGC 9.9 MINT will ALWAYS BE A HOT & SOLID INVESTMENT BOOK!

It will remain more RARE than Incredible Hulk #181's (1st full Wolverine) in CGC 9.8, Amazing Spider-Man #129's (1st Punisher) in CGC 9.8, and X-Men #94's (New X-Men begin) in CGC 9.8 to name a few! On that note, my BIN price of 15K for this beautiful and perfectly centered and BRIGHT CGC MINT 9.9 is very reasonable for the rarity and significance of this issue! The value and DEMAND is only trending UPWARD so the sky is the limit! This World Class copy hails from The Professor Pecora Collection , which is from my personal collection! I do not use any auto correct or brightening in my scans (as many other sellers do); so what you see is the REAL THING!

The colors are super bright on this particular copy! Just take a good look at the high-resolution scans for confirmation! Check-Out my previous e-Bay feedback! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!! This immaculate copy of New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W will make a powerful addition to any advanced New Mutants collection, Copper/Bronze Age Key collection, X-Men or Wolverine collection, or 1st appearance collection!

Or, it can serve as a GREAT (tangible asset) Long-Term INVESTMENT to your investment portfolio! The item "New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W (MINT)!

Only 1 of 11" is in sale since Thursday, October 26, 2017. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Comics\Copper Age (1984-1991)\Superhero\X-Men". The seller is "professor_pecora" and is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  • Main Character: Deadpool + New Mutants
  • Certification: CGC
  • Certification Number: 1206497009
  • Grade: 9.9 MT
  • Publisher: Marvel
  • Signed: No
  • Series: 1st (1983-1991)
  • Issue Number: 98
  • Publication Date: February, 1991
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

New Mutants #98 CGC 9.9 W (MINT)! 1st appearance of Deadpool! RARE! Only 1 of 11