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My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC

My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC
My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC

My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC

Could not fit all 18 long boxes in the pictures. All my comics come in comic bags, there are no boards so there is roughly 300 bagged comics in each long box , which means there are well over 5,000 comics. Conditions of each comic varies from reader copies (very few) in poor condition to comics in near mint condition.

There is very little duplication and there are alot of near complete, complete runs, and long runs. Long runs of Punisher (near full long box), Batman various titles (near full long box), Daredevil, GI Joe, Indiana Jones various titles, Uncanny X-Men , Robotech, Spawn, Spiderman titles, Star Wars, Transformers, Power Man and Iron Fist and a bunch more.

Almost all of the boxes are Marvel and DC comics with major characters and titles with only a few boxes of Independent comics with Image titles. My collection is mainly from the late 1970's through the early 2000's.

I stopped collecting in the early 2000's. There are alot of key issues and first appearances such as first appearance of Apocalypse. If the offer price is high enough I will pay someone with a van to deliver this to you for free only if you live less than 100 miles of NYC. I bought the overstreet guide and thoroughly read and understand grading and pricing. I'm not looking for top dollar retail prices, just looking not to get scammed, ripped off, or insulted.

I'm not looking for full retail prices, just looking for an honest and reasonable offer. 184,252,275,315,317,361,362,362. Marvel Comics & Electric Co Spidey Super Stories. Machine Man the Living Robot.

Marvel Super Action starring Captain America. Nick Fury and his Agents of Shield. Power Man and Iron Fist. 1 (red mark over 25 cent price).

16 (poor), 38,39,40. Marvel & DC Presents Uncanny X-Men & Teen Titans.

201,210,211,212,213,221,222,244,248,282,350. 471,472,482,483,526. The Brave and the Bold. DC Special Presents: Danger Dinosaurs at Large. DC Special Series: Jonah Hex Spectacular.

16 (death of Jonah Hex). The Secret Society of Super-Villains Special. Whitman Comics Presents Superman Adam Strange.

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. 151,154,155,159,161,162,163. Eastman & Laird's Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles. 2 (third printing), 8 (first printing). Walt Disney Productions presents the Aristocats.

Walt Disney Donald Duck (10037-711). Walt Disney Donald Duck (90037-106). 228,229(restapled), 230,238-240. 22(gold key), 22-24,25(gold key), 26,27,29-31,31,32,32,33,33,35-37.

Doctor Solar Man of the Atom. 1-3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11,12,12,13,13,14-56. 193,206,222,240,242,262,274,288,302,302,306,310,314,318,319,322-326,332,333,335,339,342,343,364,366. Annual 21,22,23,23,25.

40,61,86,100-110,112-130,133-142,151,156. 100,103,105,106,125,134,134,135,135,136,136,139,141. 162,169,185,201-203,204,204,205,206,206,207-209,214,214,215,219,222,222,223,224,226,230,272. 1(2nd print), 2,3(2nd print), 4,5,6,6(2nd print), 7-12,12,14-23.

237-239,243,244,255,256,258-272,274-306,326,332,333,344,372,374. Captain America goes to war against drugs. 91,185,189,190,194,195,197,198,199,200-203,205-208,231,232,236-240,242-252,252,254. Conan the Barbarian movie special. 1,1,1,2,2,3,3.

Conan and the Jewels of Gwahlur. 0,0,0,0, 0, 1,1,2,4,4,5,6,6-12,15,16,16-21,24-29,50.

51,105,131,132,134,147. 207,220,252,254,255,262,269,278-281,283,284,287-319.

278,280,289,290,293,296-303,307-311,313-316. Fantastic Four Official Marvel Index.

1,8-15,15(2nd print), 16-17,17-26,26,27,27-29,32-44,47-49,51-53,57,60-61,63,65-68,73,77-79,83-92. 311,312,314-319,319-320,323,343,346-349,353,378,381-382,382,384,386-387,394,396,397,399-400,405-411,411-412,414-431,447. The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine.

Further Adventures of Indiana Jones. 1,1-5,7,8,11-27,29-31,33,34. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 1-4(limited series, movie adaptation) complete. Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient. Indiana Jones: Arms of Gold.

Indiana Jones: Shrine of the Sea Devil. Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis. Indiana Jones: Spear of Destiny.

89,93,109,119,142,152,153,165,178,200,205,206,213,216,231,233-235,235-241,243-250,253,255,260,262-270,273. 1,2,4-9,11,13.

1,1,2,2,3,3-6. 16-18,20-23,25-32,34-37,39-48,50,55-56,60,61,63,67,68,70,71,73-84,86,88,89,96-99,103,114,136. 9-14,14-31,76-77,79,81-84,86-88,136. 83,113,134,142,173,181,212-216,219. 72,88,108,111,112,114,116,119,120,122.

Marvel Team-Up Official Marvel Index. 1,1(update 89), 2,2(update 89), 3,3,3(update 89), 4,4(update 89), 6,6(update 89), 8(update 89), 8(update 89), 9,9,11-15,14,15(bookof weapons), 16-20(books of the dead).

Master of Kung Fu: Hands of Shang-Chi. What If: Shang-Chi Master of Kung-Fu fought. 16(poor, pen marks on cover). Micronauts: They Came From Inner Space. 5,6,6,7,9,10,11,11-18,18,19,19,20,20-59. 2,3-6,8-24,26-27,32,34-36,38. Moon Knight Fist of Khonshu. 1,5,28,29,53,87(2nd print). The New Mutants Summer Special. 1,2,3,5-9,11-16,21-22,32,45-47,50,51,54. 1,1,1-10,12,13,15,17-22,22,23,23-25. Marvel Tails Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham. Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham. 51-56,58-65,67-77,79-83,85-91,91-123,125,125. Iron Fist Marvel Milestone Edition. Uncanny Origins featuring Iron Fist.

Robocop: The Official Adaptation of the Hit Film! Robocop 2: The Official Adaptation of the Hit Film! 1 of 4 limited series. 20-34,36,39,53,55-68,71,72.

1 (poor condition, reader copy). Second prints: 6(restapled), 8,9,11-13,15(poor, restapled), 23(poor). 14(restapled), 22,25-27,33,35,36(poor, torn cover), 37(restapled), 38,39,39,41,41,43(restapled), 43-46,48-50,54,59,60,62,66,69,74-76,78,80-84,88,90. 6,9,13-15,18,24,26,27,29,37-39,40,40-42,44.

7,10,20,21,26. 7,25-35,39,42-50,50-53,55-59,66,71,73,76-90,95-100(hologram), 101. 1-4,7-10,16,17,19-23,25,26.

151,152,159,159,166-168,170,170,172,179,182-185,185,187-190,190-194,196,197,199,200,202-207,214-217,217-220,223-229,229,230,230-232,232,239,243,245,245-247,249-252,259,273-281,283-286,288,303,320. 2,3,3,5,6,8,10,11,14,16,23,25. Marvel Milestone Edition Giant size X-Men. Amazing Adventures - Original X-Men. Obnoxio the Clown vs the X-Men. 1,4,10,11,12,15. Heroes for Hope starring X-Men.

Deathlok in Damn if he Don't. Gn Book 3 of 4.

Deathlok in Ryker's Island. Gn Book 4 of 4. House II: The Second Story. The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

MIB: Men In Black Retribution. MIB: Men In Black Official Film Adaptation. MIB: Men In Black Far Cry. Nick Fury, Agent of Shield. Nick Fury, Agent of Shield (vol 2).

Marvel Spotlight on Nick Fury Agent of Shield. Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night.

Questprobe Featuring Human Torch and Thing. Silver Sable and the Wildpack. The X-Files special ashcan edition. The X-Files season one "pilot episode". The X-Files season one "deep throat".

The X-Files season one "squeeze". The X-Files season one "conduit".

The X-Files season one "ice". The X-Files season one "space". The X-Files season one "fire".

The X-Files season one "beyond the sea". The X-Files season one "shadows". The X-Files: Ground Zero (limited series). The X-Files Feature Film Fight the Future. Disney's The Three Musketeers. The West Coast Avengers (limited series). Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Masters of the Universe the Motion Picture.

Gn: Book One, Book Two, Book Three. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. 11,17(poor, restapled), 19. Space Family Robinson Lost in Space.

1(poor, writing), 3(poor, writing). 228,229,232,236,242. Popeye and Construction Careers (E-5). Popeye and Marketing and Distribution Careers (E-9). Popeye and Communications and Media Careers (E-3). Popeye and Consumer and Homemaking Careers (E-6). Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (90011-205) (vol32). Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (90011-113) (vol42). Wendy the Good Little Witch. New Terrytoons Heckle and Jeckle (90068-510).

65,66,70(poor), 80,81. Walt Disney Super Goof (90160-113).

Walt Disney Presents Winnie the Pooh. 9,9(Gold Key), 23. 312 (Gold Key), 336,337,341,343. Walt Disney Huey, Dewey & Louie Jr Woodchucks. Beep Beep The Road Runner.

80 (Gold Key), 86 (Gold Key), 103,104. Walt Disney Chip'N' Dale (90214-008). 143,165(poor condition restapled), 166,167,168(poor condition restapled), 170-173,176-181,185-191,197,202,204,205(poor condition), 206,206,207,207-212(poor condition), 213-217,219,223,241,250,251,253,254,256,258-279,281-296,300,303,304,306,309-321,357-366. Annual 4,6,7,9,10. Daredevil The Man Without Fear. Daredevil Shi - None are so Blind. 1(poor condition restapled), 3-5,8,9,9-11,11,12,12,13,13,14,16-20,24,25,29-31,33,35,35-37,40,42-45,47-49,51,52,52-54,54,55,55-57,57-59,59,59,59,59,61,61,62,62,63,65,65,67,68,68,69,69-72,72-79,82-83,83-86,93,97,99,103,104,106,109,109,111,117,118,121,122,,138,143,149. 2,4,5,7,10.

1-3,6,8,10-15,18-20,22,23,26,28. GI Joe Order of Battle. 424,435,448,452,525,598,601,602,602-635,642. 392(poor condition), 442(poor condition), 455,463,465,466.

7,9,13,14,20,24,27-35,48,65,66. 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11-13,13-16,16,17,17-20,20.

1(poor condition), 2,3,8-24. Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew.

1-2,4,5,7-15,18-20. Captain Carrot in the OZ Wonderland War. 1-5,7-8,13,16,17,21,22,24-27,29.

110(poor condition), 114,130,136,155,157,163,165,166,180,181,181,182,182-186,189-193. 51-61,64-81,81(Embossed Prism), 82-89,91-106,110,111,125,126,130. Green Lantern Beginning of Tomorrow. Green Lantern #1,000,000. Green Lantern & Sentinel Heart of Darkness.

Green Lantern + The Ray. 34,38,49,57,75,79,83,85,89-91.

1-4,7,8,11,12,14-16. House of Mystery "I, Vampire". Jonah Hex Riders of the Worm and Such. Jonah Hex Two Gun Mojo. 163,165,176-179,182,183,198,199,233-235,235-238,238-244,244-247,247-249,251-258,260.

Legion of Superheroes Who's Who. Secrets of the Legion of Superheroes.

Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes. 1,3,4,6,8. 1(alpha cover), 1(omega cover). 1-5,29,32,34,35,41.

5-8,14,15,17,19,20,50. Star Trek the Next Generation. Star Trek The Next Generation The Modala Imperative. Star Trek V - The Final Frontier - Movie Special 1. 1,2,2,3,4,5.

1,1,2,2-5,7-9. Superboy plus the power of Shazam.

Superman IV Quest for Peace - movie special. Superman and Wonder Woman Radioshack. 1 (reprint) by Nestle Quick. Saga of the Swamp Thing.

1,1-6,8-10,14-16,19-24,24,26-29,32-40,42-50. 04/1985, 05/1985, 06/1985 (x2), 07/1985, 08/1985, 09/1985, 12/1985, 01/1986 (x2), 03/1986, 04/1986, 05/1986, 06/1986 (x2), 08/1986, 12/1986, 02/1987, 03/1987, 04/1987, 08/1987, 09/1987, 10/1987, 11/1987, 08/1988,09/1988 (x2), 10/1988, 11/1988. 234,241,254,255,257-260,263-265,267,268,270,274,279,281,293,295,300,325.

Cosmic Odyssey Book 2 Disaster. Alien Nation the Lost Episode. Scarecrow New Year's Evil. Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special. Manhunter The Beginning of Tomorrow. Lobo's Big Babe Spring Break Special. World's Finest Worlds at War. Tales of the New Teen Titans. New Teen Titan, Keebler Company Presents. The New Teen Titans, President's Drug Awareness. 1,3-14,16-19,23,24,41,42,50,52,52-58,58,59,62,65-68,70,70,71,81,87,88,92-94,96-99,101,113,114. Annual 1,2,4-7,9. Tales of the Teen Titans.

46,47,52,53,57,58,58,87. The official Teen Titans Index.

The New Titans Source Book. 251,252,288,290,310,314,323.

1-36,38,40-55,57,59-63,65-91,93-100,100(foil edition), 101-142. Beginning of Tomorrow - Flash. Zero Hour - Crisis in Time. 1,4,5,8-57,57-70,72-76,78-85,85-89,95-97,103,104. 1-3,7,10-15,15-46,48-64,64(die cut), 65-75,79,80.

The Punisher invades the Nam Final Invasion. Punisher The Origin of Microchip. Punisher back to school special. Punisher 2099 Agent of Shield. 1-3,5,6,8-10,14,17. Marvel Edge - Over the Edge.

Wolverine and Punisher - Damaging Evidence. Ghost Rider Wolverine Punisher - Hearts of Darkness. Autographed by John Romita JR.

Punisher Die Hard in the Big Easy. Punisher The Ghost Of Innocence. One shot book 1 of 2. Spiderman and Batman - Disordered Minds. Saga of Ras Al Ghul. 1 (embossed cover), 8,14. Batman and Catwoman - Trail of the gun. Secret Files and Origins - Batman, No man's Land. Secret Files and Origins - Batman Allies.

13,29,30,35 (embossed cover). Legends of the Dark Knight.

12,17,28,62,63. 152,161,164,168,185,186,188,190,200. Beginning of Tomorrow - Batman. 323,326,334,346,398,401,401-403,411,412,414,422-424,429,431-443, 443,444,444-448,448,449,449-455,455-457,457,458,458,460-462,464,476,481,491,494,498,500-502,509-515 (embossed cover), 516-528,531,532,535-552.

Annual 11-13,13-15,15-19,21,22. Beginning of Tomorrow - Detective Comics. Batman Secret Files and Origins.

542,549,567,568,571-574,576,579-585,585-593,595-604,604,605,605-607,607-615,615,616,616,617,621-637,639-675 (embossed), 675-681,683-687. The item "My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC" is in sale since Friday, April 29, 2016. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Comics\Collections".

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  • Publisher: Marvel
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

My Entire Comic Book Collection Over 5,000 Comics In 18 Long Boxes Marvel DC