Comic Book Collection

Comic Book Collection Mostly Batman With Some Key Issues Read Description

Comic Book Collection Mostly Batman With Some Key Issues Read Description
Comic Book Collection Mostly Batman With Some Key Issues Read Description

Comic Book Collection Mostly Batman With Some Key Issues Read Description
This helps people from blaming my packaging if an item comes damaged(not one of my items has arrived damaged or have arrived different than shown in pictures)and also gives them a sense of relief to see how secure I pack my stuff so they arrive in the same condition they left me. I have key issues within this collection batman 404-407, batman new 52 issue 1&2 first prints, swamp thing issue 7(first crossover with other DC characters and a signed print by Bernie wrightson is included), death of Damian Wayne just to name a few. This is for the whole collection, please do not message me about picking and choosing because I just won't answer your message because it's all or none. All comics are bagged and boarded with the exception of. Gotham by midnight 1 and detective comics 27 reprint. Also I a bunch of these are signed by various artists. This collection includes and are all first prints and Nm+ unless noted in list. Legion of collectors exclusive comic for the flash Tv show. Superman/wonder woman convergence motion cover. Gotham by midnight 1(no bag or board). Pre 52 batman: 400VF, 404-407VF/Nm (creasing along the spine year one), 500A(G)&B(VF/Nm) , 600, 682-712& annual 28. Batman battle for the cowl1-3 plus all tie ins(issue one is b cover). Batman Inc 1-8 + leviathan strikes one shot and all new 52 issues(including Damian death and signed issues). Batman legends of the dark knight 16-20(venom). Batman the return of Bruce Wayne 1-6 & 1-4 variants(some signed)+ all tie ins. Batman and robin reborn(pre 52)1-26+ 1b variant and some issues signed by frank quitely. Batman run riddler run 1-3. Batman streets of Gotham 1-18 (1is b cover).

Batman the widening gyre 1-6. Batman the dark knight 1-5(1 signed by finch).

Batman gates of Gotham 1,2&5. Blackest night 1-8 + batman and superman green lantern corps and only a few green lantern tie ins(some are signed by prado and Reis). Brightest day 0-24 + some tie ins(some signed by finch, prado and Reis). Red robin 1-17 (6signed by Marcus to). Spawn/batman one shot by frank Miller. Batman new 52 1,2,36(lootcrate exclusive), 49(Neal Adams month cover), 50(polybag sketch variant BvS), 51A&B(JR junior variant)last capullo interiors, 52(last capullo cover on batman title)&52b homage to capullos issue 1 cover. Batman and robin new 52 1-33+ 3D covers, 32b, 1-3 annuals. Batman/superman 1-12(issue one signed by jae lee), 5 legion of collectors exclusive variant for batman v superman box, 29 Neal adams variant month, 30A&polybag sketch variant for BvS, 31,32. Detective comics new52 0-34a lot are signed by Tony Daniel and Jason fabok including sketch by fabok of batman on blank cover variant, 44 fan expo exclusive(signed by Francis manupal)+ print signed, 50 polybag variant for BvS, annuals 2,3+ 3D covers. Batman black and white 1-6. Kickass 3 1-8(1 is a sketch variant). Green lantern corps new52 1-8,49 Neal adams variant month cover. Grayson 1A&blank cover, 17 Neal adams variant month cover, 18 BvS polybag sketch variant. Justice league 0-31+23.1 3D cover+trinity war issues(missing part 5)+ darksied war one shot+48-52. Action comics new52 1-8,50 polybag BvS sketch variant.

Superman new52 1-19,31-33,35,49A& Neal adams variant month cover, 50A&polynag BvS variantVF, 51,52. New 52#1s batwoman, superboy, firestorm, huntress, blue beetle and captain atom.

Forever evil 1-7+extra 3+ 1 directors cut. Green lantern the new guardians 6. Superior 1-7 by Mark millar + world record issue. Dark knight 3 the master race. Issue 1 silver snail exclusive variant by Francis manupal &issue 1 exclusive jock sketch variant signed by jock. Batman v superman variants: batman beyond 10& green arrow 50.

Neal adams variant month: Wonder Woman 49, aquaman 49, Martian manhunter 9& JLA 8. The walking dead 1(image firsts cover), 100F Nm and 150. New suicide squad 6,17-20+ suicide squad most wanted dead shot and katana 1. DC universe online 1-12,17,18.

Punisher(newest vol) 1A& skottie young variant. Daredevil and the punisher 1.

Damian son of batman 1. Batman the dark knight new52 1-8,14-19+23.1 3D cover & 23.3 non 3D cover. Batman hidden treasures one shot. Fantastic 4 polybag(sealed) death of human torch. Final crisis 1-7(two issue 6s death of batman one Of them VF) issue 7 signed by manke mix of A&b covers.

Flash rebirth 1-4 (1 signed by van scriver). DC universe Halloween special 2010. Reprints of :batman annual 1, Justice league 100pg, 80 page giant secret origins, superman annual, teen titans annual and detective comics 27 capullo cover. I may be missing a few issues so I'm going to go through my long boxes again and make sure and will add to the list. There are also some comics in those pictures of long boxes that aren't for sale but you will be getting.

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Comic Book Collection Mostly Batman With Some Key Issues Read Description