Comic Book Collection

Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List

Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List
Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List
Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List
Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List
Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List
Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List

Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List

(The original art in the pics is not for sale i do not own it- the comics pictured i do own and they are all for sale- as well as everything in the lists below any questions please feel free to message me). Up for sale is my entire comic book collection. I have lots of keys and full runs included.

There is a complete collection of every skottie young baby variant made. An almost complete run of spawn sketch variants. An almost complete collection of pre unity valiant (all of the key issues are there). Lots of runs based on artists including jim lee, todd mcfarlane, joe quesada, frank miller, rob liefeld, stephen platt, and brian finch.

See the list below for all issues included. Haunt 1,4,4,8,8,9,9,10. The creech 1,2,3.

Spawn the dark ages 1,1,1(variant). Fan edition 1,2,3. Curse of the spawn 1-28. Sam and twitch 1-10,16-21. Sam and twitch the writer 3,4.

Uncanny xmen 300 error, 244. Uncanny inhumans 11 (1st print). Elekta assasin 1 signed by siek.

Powerman and iron fist 6. Guardians of the galaxy 10.

Savage dragon 1,2 1. Deathmate blue and prologue gold. Wildcats 16,17,19,20,21,22,24,27,28. Wildcats 0,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13.

Divine right 1,1,4,5,6,7. Solar 15,17,20,21,22,23,29. Legends of the dark knight 0. Cinder and smoke 2,3,5,6 + 1-6. 22 brides 1,2,2 variant, 4.

The maxx 1,3,9,11,7,8,9,4,5,6,2,3. Mcp 85,93,120,121,122. Ghost rider and cable 1. Age of apocalypse aoa 1-6 (10th ann). Tales from the age of apocalypse. Age of apocalypse the chosen.

Cable 50,75,76,77. Silver surfer 40,45,50,52,59,60,75. Short box 3 (all in top loaders). Image united 1 (2nd print), 1 (1:00 jim lee sketch), 2 (1:100 capullo sketch), 3 (1:100 keown sketch), 2 (1:50 mcfarlane sketch), 1 (1:50 mcfarlane sketch), 2,3.

200 (sketch signed by mcfarlane), 200 (jim lee sketch), 229,230,232,233,234,235,246,193(sketch and color), 150,228,225,224,223,222,265,264,262,263,261,260,259,250 (capullo, jock, mcfarlane, young), 216,219,221. Resurrection, 200 (finch) - all of these are sketch variants. 220 black and white anniversary. Haunt 4 (mcfarlane sketch), preview sketch, 1 gold foil, 1 capullo black and white, 1 capullo color, 1 limited edition comix. The creech 1 (capullo sketch).

Curse of the spawn (turner sketch). Spawn 150 capullo, mcfarlane, jim lee. Spawn 227 (sketch signed by mcfarlane). Spawn 3d w glasses mocca. Total eclipse 1 rare spawn. Spawn 2 signed mcfarlane steacy. Spidergwen 1 variant (spiderman 1 homage -s1h). Wildcats 1 gold signed by jim lee. All star batman and robin 1-7 (miller variants), 9,10. 2,4,5 (2nd prints). Venom 1,2,3-11, 13,13.3,13.4. Spidergwen 8 horsemen variant, 0. Spider women alpha j scott set. Amazing fantasy 1-7,9-14,16-20. Silk 2 phantom variant asm300 homage, 3 anka variant.

X-o manowar 19(bart sears variant), 47. Eternal warrior wrath 1 (bart sears variant). Rai 2,8 (bart sears variants).

Bloodshot and the hard corps 19bart sears variant. Legends of the geomancer 2,3,4,1. Fall of xo 1,1 of harbinger 1,1,1, of ninjak 1,1, of bloodshot 1. The valiant 1,2,3 (variants) 4. Bloodshot reborn 1(pullbox preview), 1.

Book of death 1-4 (rai 0 variant). Deathmate prologue, black, blue gold. Eternal warrior 1 gold embossed signed by miller, shooter. Archer and armstrong 0 gold. Harbinger 1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,8,9.

Magnus robot fighter 12,5,0,1,2,3,4,6,7,8. Eternal warrior 4,1,6,5. X-0 manowar 1,,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11. Solar man of the atom 3,1,2,9,10,10(2nd).

Archer and armstrong 0,2,3,4,6,8. Rai 0,1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10.

Bloodshot 6,7,1,5. X-force 5,6,7,8,9,10,2,3,3,4,4,1x6. Youngblood 0,0,1,6. Days of future present 1-4 annuals - xfactor 5, new mutants 6. Warlock and the infinity watch 1.

Wolverine 27 variant quesada, 12 variant. Avengers invaders 1 variant finch.

Darker image black and white platinum. Fuck fairyland 1 cbldf variant. Uncanny xmen 297 gold pressman.

Xmen 54 variant numbered 3769 coa. Xmen 1 signed jim lee w coa. Xmen sword of the braddocks 1. Uncanny xmen 377, xmen 97 apocalypse connecting cover.

Moon knight 55,56,57,58,59,60. Hellboy seed of destruction 1-4.

Hellboy and the bprd sketch variant. Infinity gauntlet 1,2,5. Dark horse presents 88,89,90. Spawn 100 (capullo variant), 185 portacio. Incredible hulk 377 (2nd print), 367.

Adventures of cyclops and phoenix 1-4. Curse of the mutants 1 variant. Malibu sun 16,18,19. Xforce 1 new series, 1 bagged.

Extreme tour book signed x 12, gold. Xo manowar 14,15,15,42,44,45,48,48,51,52,52,53,55,57. Sabretooth 1,2 open season. Brute and babe tablet set.

Brute and babe maels rage. Eclipso the darkness within 1.

Prophet (2nd series)3,4,5,6,7,8 (1st series) 6,6,7,8,9,10,5,7,8,4,5. Sould saga 1,2,3. Batman arkham knight genesis variant. Sin city adtkf 1, special edition.

Dark horse presents 55,80. Martha washington goes to war 1-4. Pain killer jane/darkchylde df w coa.

Sword of azrael 1,2,4. The rise of apocalypse 1-4. Xmen 151-158,160-162,164,166,167,169,172-175,177-182,184-187,188-192,193,193,194,195,196,198,199,200. Vision 1,2,3,3,6,7,7,8,9,10,11. 2,3,4,5,6 (1st print).

1,1,3,4 (2nd print). Wildcats 2 signed jim lee, capullo. Wildcats 1 signed jim lee, scott williams. Xmen 1 signed jim lee scott williams. Deathmate prologue signed jim lee liefeld. Brigade signed x 5 liefeld. Tribe 1 signed johnson stroman.

Deathmate tourbook platinum signed x 6 jim lee, silvestri. Xo manowar 0 ivory variant signed quesada, palmiotti, gonzalez.

Extraordinary xmen 1 campbell variant. Secret avengers 28 variant keown. Uncanny xmen 1 keown variant. New mutants 33 keown variant.

Old man logan 1 4cg variant portacio. Uncanny avengers 3 portacio marvel 92 variant. Spidergwen 1 4cg variant keown. Amazing spiderman 4, 4 variant. Howard the duck 1,2 gwenpool sketch variant. Scarlet spider 1 spiderman 1 homage. Marvel zombies 1 spiderman 1 variant. Gen 13 spiderman 1 homage variant. Wolverine 18 spiderman 1 variant. Dk3 (frank miller 1:100 variants) 1,2,3,4.

Batman 35 la mole variant. Batman 39 la mole variant. Batman 1 directors cut, 0, (5,6,8,19-combo pack) 41 blueprint variant, 1 (walmart pack), 1 (1-5 print).

Justice league 51(direct error), 51 (newstand error), 52. Worst xmen ever 3,3. Batman arkham knight genesis 1 variant. Deadpool 45 skottie young rtj. Megaman 1 skottie young variant. Guardians of the galaxy 7 skottie young variant. What if venom possessed deadpool 1.

Infinity gauntlet 3,4,6. Captain marvel euro variant tpb. Deadpools secret secret wars 2 variant gwenpool.

Uncanny inhumans 11 1:50 variant. Secret wars 1 spiderman 1 homage variant.

Amazing spiderman 654 (2nd print). Invincible iron man 7 variant. Moongirl and devil dinosaur 1 variant. The maxx 25,29,30,31,32,33,34,35. All star batman jock variant. Guardians of the galaxy 8. Between the next two boxes i have a complete collection of skottie young baby variants. From red she hulk 58- current. I hate fairyland 6,7,9. Fuck fairyland 6,7,9.

Cable and deadpool 48,49,50. Xmen 1 civil war II.

Civil war II 1 choosing sides. Spiderman and the xmen 1. Superior foes of spiderman 1.

Deadpools secret secret wars 1. Free comic book day previews. Years of future past 1.

Guardians of the galaxy 1,1,5, 1 now. All new captain america 1. Captain america and the mighty avengers 1. Rocket racoon 1,1 variantx2. Thor god of thunder 1.

I hate fairyland 1-5,7,8. Fuck fairyland 1-5,7,8. Marvelous land of oz 1.

Wonderful wizard of oz 1(2nd print), 1(market variant), 2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Cable and deadpool 37,37,38,39,40,40,41,41,42-48. Spiderman 2099 1 sketch sdcc previews. Amazing spiderman reprint black and white 5,14 color. Free comic book day rocket racoon.

All new wolverine annual 1. X babies 1,2,3,3,4. Guardians of knowhere 1,1,2,3,4. Little marvel avsx 1,1,1,1,2,,3,4.

Drawing of the three 1. Marvel now what 1,1. Secret wars 9,1,1. Marvel now point one 1.

Starwars obiwan and anakin 1. Squadron sinister 1 secret wars. Howling commandos of shield 1.

Powerman and iron fist 1. Spawn 1-11,96,97,193color upc variant, 1,93,4,211-231,249,250 all minus skottie young, ressurection, book of souls, 185(2nd), 234,9,24,143. Origins collection book 1 hc 3rd print. Spawn 226, incredible hulk 340 reprint, marvel zombies 3. Infinity entity 1-3 plus variants 1-3. The infinity gauntlet 1-5 (modern). Avengers infinity vs 1 (error). Thanos imperative 2(2nd print variant), 2,6.

Thanos a god up there listening 1-4. Deadpool vs thanos 1 variant.

Avengers the enemy within 1. Captain marvel 13,15,16.

New mutants 98 true believers reprint (deadpool 1). Years of future past 1-5. Extraordinary xmen 1,2,3(2nd), 4,6,7,8,9,11.

Uncanny xmen 1,2,4,6. All new xmen 9 (connecting cover uncanny 6, extraodinary 8) all 3. Uncanny xmen 300,256,257,269&270(signed by thibert), 248 (2nd & upc), 259.

176,164,166,180,168,175,154,155,205,221, 58,28,150,148,125,,450,451,463,460,509,473,464,467,503 variant, 475 variant, 354 variant, 342 variant, 360 newstand, 360 df w coa, 360 foil. Xmen 1,4,80, 107,200 variant, 211 variant. Messiah complex ch1 topcow variant. Invincible iron man 4,4(2nd), 8,10. Moon girl and devil dinosaur 1. Howard the duck 1 (1st print). Walking dead 157,115 (blank). Power rangers 0 1st print. Eternal warrior 1 socal games and comics.

Spawn 266 all 4 variants. Vision 5,4(2nd print), 4,6,1,4,6.

Spiderman sweet charity campbell cover. Inhumans 12 death of x. Anad marvel point one (2 variants). Ultimate fallout 4 (2 2nd print variants). Angela queen of hel 1. Giardians of the galaxy 6. The goon once upon a hard time.

Dark reign what if venompossesed deadpool. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, there are way too many books to include all of the pics so i put up random pics of my collection. This collection is 11 short boxes 1 long box worth of comics, as well as some miscellaneous books in shoe boxes. Collection is in excellent condition overall and is an adult collection kept in pristine condition.

There are probably more books in the collection than listed, im pretty sure i did not include the books i already have listed except for the spawn collection but you can use that for the pics. Feel free to ask for pics of specific books etc.

This is my entire collection and i hate to see it go but life is a necessity first. Feel free to make reasonable offers. The item "Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List" is in sale since Thursday, November 10, 2016. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Comics\Collections". The seller is "yungcollector777" and is located in Temecula, California.

This item can be shipped to United States.
Comic Book Collection Copper To Modern Full Of Keys High Grade See List