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Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 7.0 White Pages Origin And 1st App Spider-man 1224511002

Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 7.0 White Pages Origin And 1st App Spider-man 1224511002
Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 7.0 White Pages Origin And 1st App Spider-man 1224511002
Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 7.0 White Pages Origin And 1st App Spider-man 1224511002

Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 7.0 White Pages Origin And 1st App Spider-man 1224511002

Not every ORIGINAL OWNER copy remains the same. The owner of this book literally kept it in a dresser at his parents house and forgot about it. Like many young men, thoughts of comic books fade as the world of girls and the freedom of moving away from your parents become a reality and life goes on. For one lucky person, an airplane trip to the family home yielded quite the reward. While visiting his parents, he decided to rummage through the garage where he stumbled across this very copy of AF #15 in a dresser buried deep within a very large garage.

He had always thought he had comic books somewhere and todays headlines motivated his search! He did not find the trove of books he had hoped to find, however, with comics, its not always about quantity, more so than it is about quality. In fact sometimes you only need 1 out of 10, which is exactly what he found.

10 comic books in a dresser that he hadn't seen in over. He recalled seeing them years later as a teen, but that was about it. His instincts proved correct, yes he did have some comics. 9 of them would not pay for a tank of gas, but the 10. Trade that one in for a full tank of gas in your new car!!

Still not a collector he did his research and decided today was as good as any to sell and thus he did. After purchasing the book I was enthralled. I have had numerous copies of AF 15 over the years and have seen far more than I can count. Holding this copy in hand it stood out different than any other I had ever seen. When I first held it, it felt almost cool to the touch.

Fresh supple, pages that are blazing white with unblemished shiny like new staples, colors so deep they looked wet, a glossy sheen along with a the FRESH smell of newsprint!! All of these characteristics confirm that this is the result of a perfectly stored specimen.

And regret the fact you no longer own it, heres your chance to get it back. There is something different about owning an original owner copy. In instances such as this, they just look different from the rest, and the knowledge of knowing that you are literally the 1. A level of true scarceness is added to this opportunity in that this just happens to be an exceptionally rare treat.

Its an ORIGINAL OWNER COPY OF AMAZING FANTASY #15!! This just adds to the romance.

An original owner copy of the Silver Age of Comics Holy Grail!! AF #15, as usual, resides as one of the hottest books on the planet and one that only appreciates in value year after year after year.

Opportunities like this certainly do not occur like this every day. Take a look and judge for yourself!

Page Quality - Perfect White in fact Stark WHITE. Color Saturation - I would put this up against any 9.4 or 9.6. This will have either deeper color saturation or the same, but it will not be out done.

If you went back in time and bought the book off the stand yourself and preserved it, you could then achieve such the color depth. New to the market Up for sale ,,,,,,, ORIGINAL OWNER COPY OF AMAZING FANTASY #15. OVERSTEET ADVISER and ADVERTISER Check out our three page fold out section in The current copy of Overstreet Price Guide. WE'LL PAY CASH FOR YOUR COMICS, CARDS, & COLLECTIBLES! Vintage Comics, CGC Comics, Comic Original Art, Comic Collections.

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  • Featured Refinements: Amazing Fantasy #15
  • Certification Number: 1224511002
  • Certification: CGC
  • Main Character: Spider-Man
  • Grade: 7.0 FN/VF
  • Signed: No
  • Publisher: Marvel

Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 7.0 White Pages Origin And 1st App Spider-man 1224511002